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22 Nov 2019 02:29 - Super User

Christian male, divorced, 44 yrs, well mannered, a graduate electrician with Saudi Arabian work experience currently in Kerala seeking Christian Malayalee bride (Single, widowed, divorced) from USA or Canada. Contact (713) 505 4747 or email to:

19 Nov 2019 02:39 - Super User

Christian Malayalee parents settled in the USA invite proposal for their sons MD 41 &42 years,5'7 & 5'9. 1st son is ER doctor in California and 2nd son double board-certified MD V A Hospital. We are seeking God-fearing and professionally qualified, slim, fair and good looking girl. Please contact with recent picture and details to email:

14 Nov 2019 17:54 - Super User

Pentecostal parents are prayerfully seeking a proposal for their daughter born and brought up in the US. She is 26, 5' 1", holds BS degree in accounting and currently working as an accountant in a company. She is born again, baptized, family-oriented, spiritual, loves the Lord and a worship leader. We are seeking proposals from the parents of Pentecostal, God-fearing who loves the Lord, educated, family-oriented and US-born and brought up boys. Please contact with recent photos with full detail [ ... ]

09 Nov 2019 01:30 - Super User

Pentecostal parents settled in USA inviting proposal for their daughter, 28 yrs, 5' 7", BSc Nurse, born again, spiritual, born and brought up in USA.. We are seeking professionally qualified boys with good spiritual background. You may please contact with recent pictures and details to

06 Nov 2019 01:28 - Super User

Catholic parents settled in US inviting proposals for their daughter born and brought up in US (27 years,5’3’’) with a Masters Degree in Anesthesia from a prestigious University, currently working in a prestigious University Hospital in Missouri. We are seeking proposals from God-fearing boys, preferably grow up in the US. Please send with recent pictures and details to Or call 336-693-9397 or

05 Nov 2019 16:46 - Super User

ROMAN CATHOLIC parents well settled in USA invite Marriage Proposal for their ONLY son 34 years 5’5”  Fair Complex USA Educated Chemical Engineer with Master of Business Management. He is working in Chicago in a MN Chemical Company as GLOBAL INNOVATION manager. He has all THE BEST Qualities. Please send details with recent full size pictures to

08 Oct 2019 13:27 - Super User

Orthodox parents invite proposals for our daughter. 27 years old. Born and brought up in the U.S.A. Who is a Family Nurse Practitioner working in Texas. We are very well established in the U.S.A and also outside of Kerala. Preferences will be given to boys who are either NP or PA settled in Texas or willing to move to Texas. Boys with good character, good family background, non-smoker and non-drinker. From a well-established family with good educated family background. Orthodox, Catholic, Martho [ ... ]

30 Sep 2019 01:11 - Super User

Pentecostal parents settled in North America invite proposal for their daughter, MBA; 33; 5'6" working in U.S. for a financial company. She is born again, baptized and spirit-filled. Parents of professionally qualified boys and good spiritual background may please respond with details and picture to  or call 905 793 5007.

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