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Orthodox Christian parents settled in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, invite proposal for their Son, 29 year-old, 5 ft, 8 in, BS, MBBS, presently preparing for USMLE board exam. Born in Dubai, migrated to US. Invite proposal from any Christian denomination girls, Doctors, Pharm-D, CPA, Lawyers, or any well-qualified professionals. Please contact with details to:

Knanaya Catholic parents invite proposals for their son, age 35, height 5’6”, post-graduate, brought up in USA and running own business. If interested please respond with details and a recent photo to: Cell:832-794-8889, 832-794-8850

Pentecostal parents settled in USA, seeking suitable alliance from parents of born again girl for their son B.S in Technical Management, working in Govt. department, 30 Yrs 5’8” born and brought up in the Middle East, 10 years in USA. Please respond with details to  or by phone 848-247-8382.

Pentecostal parents settled in USA invite proposals for their son, Software Engineer, 28 Yrs, 5'7" born and brought up in the USA, seeking suitable alliance from parents of born again girls. Please respond with details to

Pentecostal parents settled in the US invite proposals for their Son. DOB: September 1993 (27), Height: 5'11".  He was born in Kerala then moved to the US in 2008 at the age of 14. Graduated with dual Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, currently working as a Project Manager. He's an active member of our church and a worship leader. Seeking a professionally qualified faith-oriented Pentecostal girl who is a citizen, preferably working or pursuing a career in the Medical field. Please contact with recent photographs to and/or 405-532-5893 (Cell/WhatsApp)

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