Kerala Express

Pentecostal family settled in USA prayerfully seeking marriage proposals for their son in Kerala (Knanaya background), 34yrs, 5’10”, born again, baptized, spirit filled, mission oriented, with Bachelor degree in Physics, Diploma in Christian Education, course completion in B Tech in Mechanical Engineering and currently preparing for exam for the same from parents of born again, baptized and spirit filled girls preferably from USA. If interested please respond with details and recent photographs to Phone:-001-469-619-3078, 001-469-600-8641.

God-fearing, Pentecostal boy, employed with a Masters degree, 30 Yrs., 5'10", born and bought up in Dubai, last 12 yrs in US, looking for a Prayerful, God-fearing, Pentecostal, Slim & fare, Good looking, Professional girl settled in US. Kindly call on 267 423 5493 or mail the details to

U.S. settled Marthomite parents invite proposal for our son 39 years, well-settled MBA, born and brought-up in USA, never married, handsome, God-fearing and traditional.  Seeking proposal from parents of a God-fearing Christian girl of any denomination, preferably over 30 years of age.  Please respond to: or 423-876-0530.

Family living in Bahrain is seeking marriage proposals for our son of 26 years of age. He is currently living and working as a professional accountant for a finance company in Bahrain. He is a born-again Christian, holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), has a height of 5’11’’, and is fluent in both English and Malayalam. We are seeking proposals from Christian girls of the Pentecostal denomination from the United States. If you are interested please contact the following e-mail address: babyjohn50@hotmail. com. Please include a biodata and a recent photograph. 

US settled Christian parents invite proposals from professionally qualified Christian girls with good moral values for their god fearing and family oriented son, 30 years old, 5'4", BS Hospitality Management, currently working as Asst. Manager for Hyatt Regency Houston.  Email: Tel: 708-237-0406.

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