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Pentecostal US settled family invite proposals for  their God-fearing son,with Bachelors in Dental Surgery, 29 Yrs., 5'7", born and brought up in India & currently working in Kerala, looking for a Prayerful, God-fearing, Pentecostal, Good looking, Professional girl settled in US with a good family background. Kindly call on 19146081771 or mail the details to

Mother of Knanaya Catholic Boy 38, 6'1, born and raised in USA, well-settled, college degreed and currently running his own business seeks proposals from Knanaya Catholic, Knanaya Jacobite or Syro-Malabar girl. Please contact with recent photo(s) and full details to:

Pentecostal parents residing in the USA, prayerfully seeking a suitable life partner for their son who is 26 years, 5’ 11”. He is baptized, spirit filled, church involved, having a degree in Biology and currently pursuing his MD studies.  Nonmedical educational background is preferred for the girl. Please respond with a contact phone number as well as a full-size photo via email:

Well settled Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their son who is  born again, baptized, spirit filled and very actively involved in the church. He is 26 years, 5’9” fair and handsome, born and brought up in North America. He has M.S degree in Engineering and working as an Engineer at a major corporation in the Midwest. He is God fearing, family oriented and has strong Christian values with exemplary character. We are looking for a  bride who is God fearing, family oriented, well-educated  and of good character. If you are interested please respond with details and pictures to  “

Well-settled Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their son (27/6'0) born and brought up in the United States. Family-oriented, God-fearing, working as Chief Financial Officer in the family business (healthcare and investments). Looking for a spouse with spiritual values who is also family-oriented and well-educated. Please respond with a recent photograph and full details to E-mail:

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