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Pentecostal Parents seeking proposals for their daughter, who is born again, baptized and studying for her MS in Behavioral Analysis from Arizona State University (Course till May 2019). She is 25 years of age, 5'7", good looking. Parents of professionally qualified boys from Pentecostal background may please respond with details and recent photographs to, or call 832-451-4809 & 281-989-3959

We the parents invite marriage proposals for our son who is a Dental Doctor who has a successful practice in Florida. He is 32 years old and is born and brought up in the USA. He is Baptized in the United Methodist Church, but now attends a  Baptist church. He prefers to receive contacts from girls with related professional backgrounds in medicine, pharmaceutical, nursing etc between the ages of 25-31. We are hoping to find someone with a genuine faith commitment to Christ. We the parents are of Marthoma background from Central Kerala. Contact : or call 407-758-4315

Orthodox parents invite proposals for their 31-year-old son, 6'1", God-fearing with good character, fair, Electrical Engineer, fluent in English, currently working as a Civil Service Educator in Kerala. Seeking suitable alliance from God-fearing girls (Orthodox, Jacobite or Marthoma/CSI), professionally qualified, as doctors, engineers or similar, from USA or abroad. Please respond with full details and a recent photograph to


Proposals are invited for a handsome Malayalee boy, 30 years, working in Florida (work permit). Syrian Jacobite, Bsc degree. Seeking alliances from parents of US settled girls. Please contact 847 791 4513. E-Mail 

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