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Of Syrian Orthodox background, born-again parents of Kerala origin,  UAE return, seeks matrimonial alliance from suitable bride’s parents of US residence; bride be brought-up under parental care and sound spiritual guidance, for their elder son, U.A.E born & brought-up, 36 years old son, 5’10” tall, fair, handsome, graduate in Business Management and Certified Logistics & Supply Chain Management, currently in India; have earlier working experience (2 years in Bangalore), with U.S A. based multinational company. Kindly forward details to or contact @ 423-240-9948

Pentecostal parents settled in USA invites marriage proposals for their son. Our son is brought up in USA, 29 years old, 5'6". He has his Bachelors in Business Administration and works at a top advertising agency in New York City. He is God-fearing, family oriented, and very involved in church. Seeking proposals from only USA or Canada. Interested parents, please contact us with recent photograph and detailed information. Email: or call 914-527-4663

Proposals are invited for an innocently divorced born-again, baptized, god fearing, Syrian Christian young man (37, 5'8", slim) who is currently working as a scientist in US. He is a committed Christian, a US citizen and has a PhD in Science. We are seeking proposals from parents of god fearing, family oriented, born-again Christian girls. If interested, please contact with full details and recent photographs at

Pentecostal parents settled in the US seek proposal for their son (33/5’6”). He has Completed MBA and currently working in a reputed financial firm in a managerial position as Vice President. He is born again, baptized, and family oriented. Seeking proposals from born again, professionally qualified working girls from the US. If interested, please contact us with recent photographs and details

Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their son (27 yrs, 5’7”, slim) who is born again, baptized, worship leader, engineering graduate, working and brought up in US, from parents of girls who are born again, baptized, with strong Christian commitment and values, slim and with a professional background. Please respond with details and recent photograph to:

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