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Christian male, divorced, 44 yrs, well mannered, a graduate electrician with Saudi Arabian work experience currently in Kerala seeking Christian Malayalee bride (Single, widowed, divorced) from USA or Canada. Contact (713) 505 4747 or email to:

Christian Malayalee parents settled in the USA invite proposal for their sons MD 41 &42 years,5'7 & 5'9. 1st son is ER doctor in California and 2nd son double board-certified MD V A Hospital. We are seeking God-fearing and professionally qualified, slim, fair and good looking girl. Please contact with recent picture and details to email:

Graduate of English literature, 57-year-old, single and of Syrian Jacobite faith invites serious minded single (divorced or widowed) women who are legal residents or citizens of USA to write to me. I will open up a bank account to the tune of 40 Lakhs of rupees with the prospective wife as the nominee. Call Jayan at his residence in Trivandrum. Tele. # 011 91 812 914 5007 or his designated representative in New Jersey, Tom, at 973-650-6293

ROMAN CATHOLIC parents well settled in USA invite Marriage Proposal for their ONLY son 34 years 5’5”  Fair Complex USA Educated Chemical Engineer with Master of Business Management. He is working in Chicago in a MN Chemical Company as GLOBAL INNOVATION manager. He has all THE BEST Qualities. Please send details with recent full size pictures to

Orthodox parents invite proposals for their 31-year-old son, 6'1", God-fearing with good character, fair, Electrical Engineer, fluent in English, currently working as a Civil Service Educator in Kerala. Seeking suitable alliance from God-fearing girls (Orthodox, Jacobite or Marthoma/CSI), professionally qualified, as doctors, engineers or similar, from USA or abroad. Please respond with full details and a recent photograph to


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