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Christian Keralite parents settled in USA invite proposals for their daughter, who brought up and educated in the U.S. She is working as a school teacher in a private school. She is 29/172 cm.  God fearing, family oriented. Her short marriage was annulled. If  interested please respond by Email:

Syrian Christian Malayalee parents inviting proposals for our daughter 28, 5'3" BDS (India), MPH (UK) born again, baptized, spirit-filled US green card holder now working in Chicago also preparing for Dental Board Exam. Parents of spiritual and professionally qualified boys from US or Canada may respond with details to 17734379672 or 919894151011. Email :

Proposals invited from Pentecostal young men between ages 33 and 42, US Citizens for an innocently divorced young lady. She is living in Chicago and working as a nurse for the last 5 years. She is 34 years old and on a Temporary Visa. Also, welcome proposals from those who are divorced or widower without any liabilities. Please contact 331-307-9018 or

Proposals invited from Pentecostal parents settled in Canada, for their daughter (27, 5.3’, fair, slim) dob-30 June 1991, working in Academic Research (Health Economics/ Policy), from parents of God-fearing professionals brought up in Canada or US. Please contact with recent pictures and details @  WhatsApp # 647-209-4451  

Pentecostal parents seeking proposal of their daughter, born and brought up in USA. She is 30 years old, 5’4” born again and baptized. She is slim and beautiful, fair in complexion. She is a Pharm. D, got additional Master’s degree in Pharmacy administration. She is working in a university’s pharmacy informatics division.  We are seeking proposals from a God-fearing and equally committed groom professionally qualified and fair in complexion. If interested please contact

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