18 MAY 2023


A marthomite family settled in USA, seeks proposals for their daughter aged 27,height 5'4",graduated in MSW and employed as a social worker, from professionally qualified christian boys employed in USA or Europe. Interested parties may contact 847 226 5486 ( USA ) or Email with details.

25 FEBRUARY 2023


A Marthomite family settled in DFW, Texas area seeking suitable match for their son 36 years old 5.8 working as a Doctor in Physical Therapy, from any Christian denomination. Interested parties may please email details along with a photograph to

30 JANUARY 2023


Our daughter is 41 years old working as an eye doctor (optometrist). We are seeking contacts from qualified young men preferably Marthomite christian or other denominations for marriage. Please respond to Email Mobile (201) 314-1476