AAUC Sept 2022 News and Invitation to Upcoming National Civic Leadership Forum in Las Vegas, Sept. 11 to 13

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7 September 2022

AAUC Sept 2022 News and Invitation to Upcoming National Civic Leadership Forum in Las Vegas, Sept. 11 to 13

Dr. Thomas Abraham

The Countdown has begun: Great Anticipation Awaits

Less than 5 days until the opening of the 2022 National Civic Leadership Forum in Las Vegas on September 11. Highlights of the Forum feature highly diverse speakers, panelists and performers.

4 Keynote Speakers include former & current public officials, a journalist, and a community activist
5 Opening Panelists and Moderator representing diverse ethnic perspective on Civic Engagement
6 Breakout Sessions covering political and nonpolitical engagements: community activism, political career development, and fundraising
3 Special Plenary Sessions on wide range of topics: Effective Lobbying, AAPI Community Hub Project, Common Civic Agenda
Press Conference releasing joint statement on Common Civic Agenda
Free Preconference Youth Program connecting youths on civic engagement
Rich Cultural Performances featuring Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Polynesian cultures

Join our National Civic Leadership Forum in September and meet these movers and shakers in the U.S. It’s not too late to register now.

AAUC Welcomes Lucy Hansen and
the Polynesian Association of Alaska

By Angela Anand, AAUC Vice President, President of SAWN and former President of NFIA

AAUC welcomes Lucy Tuga Hansen founder and CEO of Polynesian Association of Alaska as our newest lifetime member and the Polynesian Association as our newest organization member. Through her participation in the upcoming 2022 NCLF with her teammate Etevise MacDonald treasurer of the organization and their cultural performance, we are going to learn more about the Polynesian which is composed of Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian.

Lucy’s background in community service is worth noting. In 1985, she moved to Alaska to be close to family. In 2005, she became the founder and CEO of the Polynesian Association of Alaska, a nonprofit organization with the mission to support individuals, improve families lives by promoting education, and instilling cultural pride in youth. In 2005 she became the host of the 1st Polynesian Culture Flag Day in the land of Alaska, the first Polynesian (Samoa) woman that first raised the American Samoa, Independent Samoa and the Sister Island of Tonga National Flags in the soil of Anchorage in the State of Alaska. Now the name changed to Asian & Pacific Island Culture Flag Day, an annual event.

In recognition of her advocacy for the Polynesian community, she was honored with a Chief Samoan Title Name, Muaimalae Tuga Hansen. She received Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Women “Champions of Change” Award from the White House. In 2022 she received the Community Heart Award through Anchorage Community Land Trust. AAUC is delighted to have her in our expanded family.

2022 NCLF Preconference Youth Program
Organized and Led by Youths Across the Country

The Youth Summit is an opportunity for those identifying as an AAPI youth to come meet and discuss challenges and issues that are facing their generations today. The summit is open to all youths, it will offer attendees the chance to network with local and national peers, brainstorm ideas that can be taken back to their respective communities, and develop ways to organize, no matter how small or large of a scale. Attendees will also be invited to give feedback for AAUC’s next youth summit and have an opportunity to volunteer on the leadership committee. The summit is led almost entirely by other AAPI youths and aims to foster an atmosphere of fun, inclusiveness, and deep, honest engagement. There will also be free food and prizes!
September 11 (Sunday)
10 am – 2:30 pm – Youth Program –
Location: Paris Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Champagne Room 1
10:00 – 11:15 am Networking
11:15 – 11:30 am Short break
11:30 – 12:30 pm Lunch and Kahoot
12:30 – 1:00 pm What does it mean to be an Asian American
1:00 – 1:45 pm Balancing Professional Goals with Civic Engagement
1:45 – 2:30 pm Plan for the Next Conference
Free Registration for the Youth Program – Do Register NOW

By Angela Anand; AAUC Vice President, President of SAWN and former President of NFIA

Everyday community leaders are driven by passion to make positive change. They are engaged in making strategic decisions. They are acutely aware of issues and decide which problems to tackle and that too in what order of priority. At times priorities compete and they patiently make important decisions. For the Asian communities, community engagement has been to be recognized as competent and worthy citizens of the nation. To be accepted not as perpetual foreigners with different facial and ethnic characteristics but looking forward to work for the betterment of the community. They are culturally sensitive and want to work with empathy, kindness, and respect to make their neighborhood, their country and world a better place for everyone. As a group, Asians are as bright as other countrymen, their children are motivated to achieve and also have the aspirations to be accepted as capable leaders. They are looking for opportunities to be seated at the table and make decisions. People around them accept them as leaders who are engaged in making the country better for everyone.

The session will be chaired by Angela Anand, who is AAUC – the hosting organization’s Vice President and Outreach Chair, Founder and President of South Asian Women’s Network, and former President of National Federation of Indian Associations. Speakers are KaYing Yang, Nonprofit Management Consultant and President of RedGreen Rivers, LLC, serving on President Biden’s Advisory Commission on Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders, Suhag Shukla, ESQ, Executive Director, is a co-founder of HAF. She holds a BA in Religion and JD from the University of Florida. Russell Jeung, Professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, Dr. Russell Jeung is an author of books and articles on race and religion and Yen Marshall, Executive Director of My Sisters House, and has been often invited to speak on community engagement.

Civil rights movements, anti-war protesters, folk singers, and flower children…..
By Joel Wong, President, National Asian American United
I came to this country to attend graduate school in the fall of 1963 at a time when the US was undergoing a tidal wave of changes. There were the civil rights movements which brought about the 1964 Civil Rights Act that outlawed the discriminatory voting practices which prevailed in southern states and the 1965 Immigration Act that had fundamentally changed the US demographics.

Then there were the anti Vietnam war protests which started around 1964 and peaked on October 17, 1967 when 100,000 people marched on Washington, D.C. to peacefully demonstrate against the war.

As a graduate student, I was drawn into the folk songs culture. I was harmonizing to the folk tunes of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Peter-Paul-Mary, the Kingston Trio. San Francisco was the center of the flower children culture.

Fast forward to 2022. I have since become a US citizen for over fifty years. I have enjoyed democracy and personal freedom. In many ways, I am living the “American Dream”. But is our country doing well? Many people think not!

Although our GDP remains the number one in the world, in at least six indicators we have fallen way behind. They are: Criminal Justice; Gun Violence; Healthcare; Education; Inequality; and, Infrastructure. Additionally, our country spends more on national defense than the next nine countries combined.

2022 National Civic Leadership Forum (2022 NCLF)

Many pieces are fitting together to form the seamless 2022 NCLF event including the pre-conference youth program organized and led by youths across the country. The latest exciting program agenda on the Forum is now available on Whova and on our website.
We are deeply indebted to the many tireless individuals who have worked days and nights together as a team to plan and execute this annual National Civic Leadership Forum. Our heartfelt thanks for the generous support from Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA), Punch & Associated, Asian & Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA), Chinese American Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota and many other individual sponsors and donors in making this event a success.

Register Now for this great networking opportunity.
Donate generously to AAUC to continue its work. Help AAUC grow.

AAPI Community Hub Project

We contracted with Blue Raster our Hub developer using the ESRI ArcGIS technology to present our web based AAPI Hub at the 2022 NCLF. It will have updated census information and dashboard showing the AAPI nonprofit organization statistics. Minnesota and Nevada nonprofit data will be shown as the pilot at the NCLF 2022. The audience will be invited to download the link and navigate the site along with presenters at the Forum.

Contact Dr. SK Lo at admin@asamunitycoalition.org if you are interested in learning more and be a contributing partner on this project.
Donate generously to AAUC to continue its work. Help AAUC grow.
AAUC Podcast on Building Our Collective American Dream

Learning From AAPI Data
(launched Aug 28, 8 pm EST/ 7 pm CST/ 5 pm PST)

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities are not monolithic and should not be treated as such. Through the works of AAPI Data we learn that within the AAPI communities there are racial differences, conflicts and concerns. It is important that we learn how to use these data to influence decision making, to achieve equal rights and protection from violence, and to leverage it to achieve our Collective American Dream.

Our guests for this episode is Dr. Janelle Wong, Co-Director of AAPI Data and Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland to discuss this important topic.

Register for the 2022 National Civic Leadership Forum (NCLF) now and listen to the personal stories of our speakers released through our podcast team.
Donate generously to AAUC to continue its work. Help AAUC grow.

Donate generously to AAUC to continue its work.

Help AAUC grow.
From: Dr. Thomas Abraham, Chairman, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin and Chair, Asian American Unit Coalition (AAUC) Board Development Committee
GOPIO is a member association of Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC, www.asamunitycoalition.org), which is putting together an exciting National Civic Leadership Forum (NCLF), starting on Sunday, Sept. 11th morning with a Youth Session followed by a full day conference session on Sept. 12th and ending on Sept. 13th afternoon at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The main theme is The Great Awakening. The purpose and goal are to create a community platform for all AAPI organizations and leaders to interact, to work together, to learn from each other and to build trust so that our community will be strong via UNITY. See more details at https://www.asamunitycoalition.org/2022-nclf/

The NCLF starts with a welcome reception at 5 p.m. on Sept. 11th. We have conference sessions whole day on Monday, Sept. 12th on various aspects and issues of Asian American communities and ends with an Awards Gala starting at 6.30 p.m. The entertainment at the Gala night includes Chinese Drummers and Japanese Dance followed by Bollywood dances as the main attraction.

We also invite the youth to participate in the Asian American Leadership session on Sunday, Sept. 11th starting at 9 am to 3 pm (lunch included) at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Register FREE at https://whova.com/portal/registration/nclf_202209/. We will provide a certificate to all participants.

All AAUC members and member groups can avail a discount of 20% at the conference package as well as individual events such as the Welcome Reception, Awards Gala and Conference. Use disc20 when you check out at the registration link, i.e. https://whova.com/portal/registration/nclf_202209/. You may look for rooms at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino at its website or nearby hotels. We have limited number of rooms at the convention rate which may or may not be at the regular online rate depending on the demand of rooms of that day. Check the Paris hotel or other hotel websites. If it is about $100 per day, that is a good rate.
You may send the info about youth session to any youth you may know. It will be a good networking session for the youth and it is FREE.

Dr. Thomas Abraham

Chair, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) Intl. and

Chair, AAUC Board Development Committee and Awards Committee

Tel: 203-329-8010