Kidnapped, Another Untold Story( Mathew Mathew)

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1 September 2022

Kidnapped, Another Untold Story( Mathew Mathew)

Prologue: Joe Jordan, a broadcast journalist, tired of reporting the usual happenings in the city (murders, robbery, rape, fire, etc.), is about to quit his job. Then out of the blue it happens.

Joe gets a phone call that a man is kidnapped. The kidnapper, Ryan Moss, is a killer on the run. He’s holed up in an abandoned stone quarry with his captive. Moss knows that he has no chance of escape and wants Joe to negotiate his case. He also wants Joe to tell the world his story. Joe, though perturbed, agrees to the kidnapper’s demand.

The challenge is too tempting. It’s something Joe was waiting for to happen.

Another Untold Story
Mathew Mathew

April 25, 2020
Sara Smith was jogging on that sunny Saturday morning by the Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore County mostly oblivious of her surroundings. Then out of the blue a jogger caught up with her and went past in a hurry. Sara didn’t pay attention since she was hooked onto her iPhone and listening to iHeart Radio. She was really enjoying the run and the crisp air under an azure sky.

Barring a few geese on the banks of the lake, there were no joggers on the trail. Suddenly someone came up from behind and grabbed her and put on a choke hold. The unexpected attack put Sara at a disadvantage. She struggled hard to get free from her attacker. In a few seconds she passed out.

May 10, 2020
A jogger noticed something unusual on the banks of the lake. Geese were pecking on something that looked like a human skeleton. The jogger reported the incident to the Baltimore County Police immediately. Police could neither identify the deceased nor come up with a suspect or a motive.

Detective Ryan Moss was assigned for further investigation.
His search for the killer of Sara Smith ended up with James Cole, the nephew of Rob Cole, the County Police Superintendent.

Surveillance videos and circumstantial evidence put James Cole the man behind the crime. Detective Ryan Moss was ordered not to divulge the news to anyone including the media pending further investigation by an expert team of detectives. Joe was in a fix. His oath of office and work ethics collided with the bureaucracy. But his future depended on his silence and compliance.

The expert panel of detectives found new evidence that put Ryan Moss behind the killing of Sara Smith. They found the evidence “very strong” and he was sentenced for life imprisonment without parole.

Ryan Moss was devastated. His appeal for a retrial was rejected by the court. He somehow hung on to his hope of retribution and a chance to get out. He was itching to pay it back to those who sent him to jail.

July 13, 2021

The County elected Police Superintendent Rob Cole as the new County Executive and his nephew James Cole a Councilman.

Convicted for life, Ryan Moss spent most of his time working in the jail kitchen or tending a vegetable patch at Long Beach Estates, near the Martin State Airport. Then one day an opportunity came knocking. He was working on a corn field and there was no inmates near him. Moss took the opportunity to sneak away through a broken fence and reached Bowleys Quarters Road. Police couldn’t track Moss since then.

October 16, 2021

Councilman James Cole was nursing a glass of Jack Daniel on the rocks at the Pighead Tavern in Towson. He was in no hurry to go home. There was hardly anything for him to do that night except going to bed alone at his desolate farm house in Parkville.

Very late into the night, the inebriated James Cole slumped into his Porsche Cayenne with some difficulty. He was in no sane state to notice the hooded man sitting next to him in the passenger seat.

When James Cole got back to his senses hours later, he found himself tied from shoulder to ankle on a crane high above an abandoned stone quarry somewhere in Baltimore County. Sitting right above him was Ryan Moss, the convicted escapee.

“What the hell are you doing with me? Do you know who I am?”
Cole threatened Moss with dire consequences from his precarious perch.

“Yes,” said Moss with a bit of sarcasm. “You are the killer of Sara Smith and I am your nemesis, Ryan Moss!”

James Cole could hardly make out who he was dealing with under the dark cloudy sky.
He finally caught up with what was unfolding. He would be dead unless something dramatic happened. He wished for his uncle and his army of County police force came rushing in to rescue him from a horrific end in the quarry.

As a light rain started falling and lightning flashed across the Eastern sky, Ryan Moss didn’t want to prolong the drama.

“Unless you want to be struck by lightning or buried in the quarry, you better tell the truth. Tell it to the world. I have invited the media to hear your confession. Your fate hangs on what you tell them. So, you better be telling the truth.”

“I have nothing to tell.” Cole retorted. “The court has already given the verdict. You are the killer of Sara Smith.”

“Here you go,” Moss let the rope slide down with Cole at one end hanging face down.

“I will tell the truth, the whole truth,” mumbled Cole with fear.

“OK,” Moss turned on the Zoom Channel for a conference call. “Talk into my cellphone. You are now live on TV. Joe Jordan, the reporter from FORK News is already with us.”

“Yes, I killed the woman not because I wanted to,” Moss confessed. “She was too aggressive and didn’t want to cooperate with me.”

March 22, 2022

A lot has happened between the night of October 16, 2021, and March 21, 2022.

Rob Cole resigned as County Executive James Cole is sentenced for life without parole in jail Joe Jordan is elected as the Director of News at Fork TV Ryan Moss was reinstated to the detective job with a promotion and higher pay, He now runs his own detective agency, Trouble Not.

Disclaimer: It is only a fiction. The characters in the story have no reference to either living or dead persons.

© Copyright 2022 by Mathew Mathew

Mathew Mathew