Seeking Bride

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4 March 2023


Roman catholic boy, pala diocese

Age-27 yrs

B tech in computer science and programming

present job- software  engineer in TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES(T C S) COCHIN

Contact information in india-919446214811


25 February 2023


A Marthomite family settled in DFW, Texas area seeking suitable match for their son 36 years old 5.8 working as a Doctor in Physical Therapy, from any Christian denomination. Interested parties may please email details along with a photograph to

9 January 2023


Medical Doctor, US Citizen, Christian, Single/Unmarried,38 Years old, Financially Sound,6 Feet Tall,

145Lbs, Lean. Invites marriage proposals from Single/Unmarried Professionals. Candidates who are in US

temporarily with short term visas may also apply.Intrested parties may send detailed profile with a recent photograph to   :

17 December 2022


Suitable marriage proposals are invited from qualified professionals for a 44 year old Marthomite boy, divorced(got approval from Church for re-marriage), no children, well settled in USA and working in IT field. Please respond to, phone: 248-854-1221.A

3 December 2022


Roman Catholic parents settled in New Jersey, invite proposals for their son ,US Citizen,32 yrs old, weight 147 lbs,height 5’7″ , fair complexion,working as  pharmacy technician for the federal government ( VA Hospital ) in Pennsylvania. Parents of girls in similar professions in medical field or in stable career are welcome to contact us at ><

Photos will be provided as per request.

18 October 2022


Pentecostal parents from the US are inviting proposals for their born-again, Holy Spirit filled son, MD (31 years; 5’6″; doing residency) from parents of born-again, Holy Spirit filled girls (medical doctor) in the US. For details please contact

13 October 2022


Born-again parents settled in Houston, Texas, invite proposals for their 32-year old son, (Height: 5’7). He grew up in Dubai and moved to the US when he was 15-years old. He has an MBA and currently works as an auditor for a petrochemicals company in Houston. We attend a Pentecostal church, and are seeking a suitable US / Canada-based, faith-oriented, professionally qualified alliance for our son. If interested, kindly respond with full details and recent photographs at

12 October 2022


Knanaya Catholic man invite proposals 48 years , US citizen, Graduate, Business owner, Divorced seeking alliance from suitable girls. Contact 831 400 7555 or

26 September 2022


Aunt settled in the US invites proposals for her Nephew lives in Kerala, who was born and brought up in a pentecostal background 24 years old, 5 Ft 6 in tall. He has finished his Bachelors in Bio technology and Bio chemical Engineering and pursuing Masters now . Seeking a professionally qualified girl from any pentecostal background who is settled in US. If interested please contact us at 832-808-1371

4 September 2022


Pentecostal parents inviting marriage proposals for their son, 31, 5’10, Juris Doctor (J.D.) in U.S. He is spirit filled, active in church, and mission oriented. Working at Real Estate law firm. If interested, please respond with details and photograph. Email –