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3 February 2023


Parents looking for a born-again spiritual boy for our daughter who is 37 years old ,Malayalee , born and raised in the USA and is a medical doctor practicing in Texas. The boy should have a professional background and should have been born in the USA or come to the USA when young. Please send details by email to,

30 January 2023


Our daughter is 41 years old working as an eye doctor (optometrist). We are seeking contacts from qualified young men preferably Marthomite christian or other denominations for marriage.

Please respond to
Mobile (201) 314-1476

25 January 2023


Malayalee Brethren/Baptist girl 24, MIS, USA born, employed with a reputed firm — seeks Born-Again, Malayalee professional, 25-28 yrs, US born or came to US at young age. Contact 863.513.3759.


9 January 2023


Pentecostal parents looking for a spiritual life partner for their daughter, born and raised in USA in a family with high importance in Christian mission and services. She is 26 years old (5’4″) and now a third-year medical student in USA. We are looking for a boy of any professional backgrounds with similar spiritual values who is born and raised in USA. Please send the details by email to

11 December 2022


Christian parents settled in US prayerfully seeking proposals for their daughter (34 and 5’5″). She is a neurologist (MD from US). We are seeking proposals from God-fearing and professionally qualified boys such as physicians, lawyers (JD) or actuaries. If interested, please respond with full details and a recent photograph to

6 December 2022


Christian parents (Keralite)  settled in USA  inviting marriage proposals for their daughter 29 years (DOB:05/1993), 5’5, US born, Completed MS in Accounting and currently working as a Senior Auditor for Govt. in New York .She is born-again, baptized and attending a Non-Denominational Church.

We are looking  for a professionally qualified, God fearing, born-again, baptized boy from US and Canada .  If interested please email with complete details and pictures to

4 December 2022


A Christian knanaya jacobite family settled in Vancouver, Canada, inviting proposal for their daughter 27 years old, a science graduate, working as program manager in a Vancover based bio-tech company. Preferably boys whose parents settled in Canada or USA from any Christian denomination. Please contact at or WhatsApp 1-604 358 1313.

26 November 2022


Pentecostal (Keralite) family settled in Texas, USA invites proposals for their daughter (5’4, DOB July 1996) spirit filled, born in Dubai, brought up in USA. Completed Bachelor of Science in Biology and currently studying Doctor of Pharmacy (3rd year). Seeking proposals from parents settled in USA for grooms who are God-fearing, baptized and professionally qualified, studying or working in US. Please contact us to know more with your recent photos and details:

1 November 2022


Pentecostal parents inviting proposals for their daughter 29 yrs, 5’8, fair, US born, God fearing, baptized, Masters in speech & hearing, working in a reputed firm. We are looking for a professionally qualified US born Pentecostal boy. If interested please email with complete details and pictures to

14 October 2022


Pentecostal parents inviting proposals for their daughter,32yrs, 5’7, US born, Pharm D, working as a clinical pharmacist. We are looking for a professionally qualified spiritual boy from the same faith. If interested please contact or call 206-234-5555.

12 October 2022


Pentecostal parents settled in US invite proposal for their daughter (Medical Doctor, 27-year, 5’6″, Final year residency) from Professionally qualified Pentecostal Boy from US. For details, please contact

8 October 2022


The Pentecostal family settled in Texas invites a proposal for their daughter, who is studying 3rd year of medical school (MD program). Age 23 (November 4, 1998), 5’4″, God-fearing, baptized fair & a US citizen from parents of a Pentecostal boy, with a professional career and from the US. Please email complete details and pictures to 

6 October 2022

Knanaya Catholic

Knanaya Catholic parents invite proposals for their daughter (30, 5’3” social worker). Interested parties, please contact  630-518-6001 or 
29 September 2022


Proposals are invited by Roman Catholics parents for their daughter, Pharm.D. currently working as a pharmacist. She is 37 years old and 5’3”. She is a U.S. Citizen. We are seeking a suitable alliance from professionally qualified Catholic Pharmacists, Engineers, Doctors, MBA, Accountants born and raised in the U.S.A. who are God-fearing and family-oriented. Interested parties please respond with details including a recent picture

25 September 2022


Pentecostal parents settled in Dallas, Texas invites proposal for their daughter who completed pharmacy school and working as a pharmacist. Age 30, 5-4″, God-fearing, fair, and US citizen. We are looking for a man who is professionally qualified with good spiritual background. If you are interested, please contact us with details and pictures at